Healing Services

images (4)images (14)Reiki Healing (Usui Reiki Master Practioner)

Crystal and Colour Therapy Healing 

Chakra & Energy Clearing/Balancing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Isis Lotus (Auset Temple) Healing

Karmic Release & Soul Contracts

Past Life Regression Therapy


Azariah Intuitive Healing ®

– (Channelled Healing Modality)


$180 (Initial Consult & Healing Session) 1.5hr

$600 for 4 Sessions (recommended)

Prices in AUD

You may choose the healing modalities that you feel drawn to for your healing sessions or consult with me to which will be most suitable for your personal situation. As an Intuitive Healer, I am able to bring my skills and abilities together to facilitate powerful healing for you on on all levels of your being (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual).

You will be likely to experience a deep sense of relaxation, comfort and warmth during the process. I will work with you to release any energetic blocks you may be holding on to which will allow for greater transformation. Because we are working at both the physical and energetic levels, you will receive the benefits of feeling more balanced and whole during and after the process. You will find all areas of your life improve when your energy is in balance, and I have many clients report feeling more connected and intuitive as a result of their ongoing healing sessions with me and having remarkable insights of their own during their healing!

I will also pass on the observations and intuitive messages I receive for you during your healing, as well as recommendations for you such as colours and crystals to work with. I will provide you with simple but powerful exercises to do on your own to enhance your results after or in between our sessions. Your healing journey is an integral part of embracing your life purpose and personal transformation as it enables you on all levels to heal and move forward, and it is my honor and privilege to help you do so 🙂



lighthandsDistant/Absent Healing

Intuitive Channeled Healing


$90 per session (45mins includes message/s)

$300 per month – 4 sessions + messages (recommended)

Prices in AUD

First or single session ($90)  is approx 30 mins plus written observations experienced during the healing, intuitive guidance and advice for you in response to what occurs during the session which is sent to you via email.

Through focused intention and with the assistance of my Healing Angel (Azariah) and Guides, I am able to work at an energetic level with your being to positively influence and heal your energy through subtle energetic connection. Distant (or Absent) Healing as a Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Channel Healer is an intensely powerful experience. I have been amazed myself at the results and feedback, it really needs to be experienced to be believed! My clients testimonials speak for themselves…

Distance has never been a factor in performing healing work. It works almost the same with the exception of the ‘laying on of hands’, but you will still experience a deep state of relaxation, stress relief and feeling of comfort and peace. You may notice the energy moving around you in different ways such as the feeling of warmth, coolness, tingling or other sensations. In many cases my clients have reported feeling pressure or releases in certain areas, feeling a loving presence in the room or having inspiring visions during their healing 🙂

When doing distance healing work, I prefer to communicate with you, either on the phone or online. Being involved in the healing process at this level enables you to develop a better understanding of the healing techniques that are being utilized. This, in turn, allows you greater opportunity for more effective use of these techniques within their own healing work on an ongoing basis. Thel interaction enhances healing and is an integral part of the empowerment process.

I do ask that we make a time for your healing for you to be in a receptive state for the most benefits. My distant healing clients report the most wonderful sensations of relaxation as well as many physical sensations that they experience during the healing, and many insights of their own. Ideally you would be in a ‘sacred space’, comfortable chair or laying down at the time, awake quietly, in meditation or sleeping is fine. Consent is required for distant healing but it can be requested for those that are unable to such as during times of serious illness or on behalf of children. I will in all cases ask for permission from one’s higher self before commencing.

Most distant healing clients choose to work with me for between one and three months, where we have an ongoing time each week and includes observations/guidance are included via email or messaging each week. I take however long is needed for your healing and notes each week. Longer term arrangements can be negotiated.

Cash, Credit Card or Paypal accepted. Thank you :-)