About Allison

Allison Donnelly SkypeI hold a Degree in Psychology (B.BehSc) with many years experience in counseling and community education and am the proud recipient of an Australian Human Rights Award. I have facilitated numerous workshops on various topics relating to Youth Issues (15-25’s), Self-esteem, Communication training, Intuition, Energy Healing and Personal Development. I absolutely love my work as an Intuitive Life Coach studying through Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy (ISCA). It’s a great way to bring together my passion for personal development and psychology in a way that I can really help others. I have this very real practical and professional ‘helping’ side but I love all things ‘metaphysical’ and spiritual as well!

I have spent over a decade developing and working with my psychic ability, completing certified psychic development courses and numerous workshops to hone my skills. Sitting in psychic circle, writing and undertaking my studies are all part of my regular routine. I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Crystal Healing Practitioner. I run my own company specializing in intuitive life coaching, consultancy and healing services and work around taking care of my three beautiful children.

My favourite things include ‘all of the above’! Yes, I absolutely LOVE what I do. That’s the best thing about following my hearts desire and living my life with purpose… I get to spend time on those things that I enjoy and value. I also love learning. I love sharing and helping and chatting with people about life. I LOVE meditation! (and yes, I really treasure the peace and quite away from my children at the end of the day!) I love experimenting with different things that help me feel more fulfilled and satisfy my curiosity (eg. crystals, herbs, natural remedies, interpreting dreams, astrology and big D&M’s!) I love being a mum! I love sleeping in, having no alarm clock, having my kids do colouring-in at my desk while I’m on Facebook and checking out inspiring YouTube videos, taking walks around the nearby lakes whenever I need fresh air, and baking lots of home made goodies for my family. I like to have something home baked in my cupboard at all times….so at any given time if you’re in my home there is always something yummy that’s made with love on offer 😉

I look forward to connecting with you – much love – Allison Donnelly ♥ xx