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Here’s how it all began and why I’m here now… for those that are curious 🙂

Although I have been aware of my psychic abilities since childhood, like many others I hid it away, and stopped talking to my ‘imaginary friends’ to fit in with what was socially acceptable. As I got older, I would just ‘know’ things, loved having ‘deep and meaningful’ conversations and had many dreams and visions that came true! Naturally, I was fascinated and drawn to all things Psychic and I had more than my share of unusual ‘coincidences’. No such thing, by the way! Psychology was the closest thing I knew that I could study in the ‘mainstream’ and so that’s what I did! Later I learnt that going through a lot of stress and trauma (as I have) can bring out our psychic abilities as a way to help us cope. Hence, you will find many Psychics that have been through a great deal in their life. We all have life lessons but having been through such experiences we can truly empathize and be of assistance to others. Similarly, Mediums will tend to have been through many instances of losing loved ones and we often have a significant ‘awakenings’ around times of grief. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I was ‘convinced’ by what I witnessed and truly knew I could no longer deny it any longer. You could definitely say I was a ‘reluctant psychic’ even after the point of being absolutely ‘convinced‘ by what was happening to me, it took many years of coming to terms with my own experience and even more so being open about ‘publicly’ sharing that with others.

Flower angel blessingsThe significant turning point came for me just after my first child was born 13 years ago, my Grandfather had passed just weeks before and he was coming to speak with me in my dreams. He would take my hand and tell me ‘let yourself be guided’, he would take me flying and to meet other wise teachers all dressed in white. I would still feel him holding my hand when I awoke. Sometimes I would ‘feel’ him watching over me and see glimpses in reflections or out of the corner of my eye but I couldn’t be sure and dismissed my ‘wishful thinking’. Soon after, I was at a point where I was going through the most difficult time of my life (an even longer story!), but I’d never felt so devastated and completely alone, you may have heard of ‘the Dark Night of the Soul’! On this particular day, I was in the pit of despair and crying when the most incredible life changing feeling swept over me and there in that moment an Angel appeared above where my baby was sleeping at the time across from where I was sitting. There was also another light being which came although it presented more like a figure in a cloak made from light in all the colors of the rainbow. It was incredibly beautiful, and was like time stood still in that moment! The indescribable feeling in that moment and messages they delivered to me that day truly changed my life and set me on a quest like no other! I started receiving telepathic messages from them and was told to write what I heard, it became automatic.

Searching for answers, I started reading and learning everything I could, as well as travelling for several months, visiting many sacred ancient sites and tracing my ancestry in search of enlightenment and journeying to my soul. I worked and developed my gifts for around 3 years but things changed again for me when I lost my partner suddenly in a tragic accident. I had dreamt of his death 6 months and several weeks prior, and the night he passed he came to see and talk with me before I had been told of his passing.  Again, I had to write down the messages and these became my ‘evidence’ not only for me but for others because of what unfolded in the coming days. This was my eye opening experience of mediumship that meant no going back, this was far beyond dismissing!  Of course, I had my grief to deal with as well as the realization of being able to see and hear spirit. It took time to heal and also to come to terms with what I was capable of, and it wasn’t until fairly recently that I have embraced the mediumship ability that I have. It is a very emotional but incredibly rewarding to be able to help others who want to connect with their loved ones. Spirit is not always able to come through when we want them too so desperately, but I do believe that messages will always come if we come with an open mind and heart to receive them from who is available to connect with at the time. That’s’ why I will always tell you that you may not hear what you want to hear, but you will be told what you need to hear.

It has been both amazing and invaluable to connect again as an adult with my guides. The Automatic Writing that I have received through connecting with my guides and the Angels has taught me a great deal and they have been a constant source of guidance and comfort. It is very much a journey… I feel blessed that I have been given these gifts to guide me in my life. But more than that, with this also comes great responsibility. To help guide, teach and heal others is a great honor and privilege, one which I now fully embrace and thoroughly enjoy! There is nothing more rewarding than the joy and comfort that this work brings to others. To connect with others on a soul level is such a beautiful thing and I look forward to walking beside you for a short while in your journey also. Much love and light to you ♥ xx Alli

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